Social Responsibility

Scott Leckman, MD in IndiaA physician’s life sometimes demands that the training and experience attained through many years of practice be repaid to others less fortunate. Scott Leckman takes his social responsibilities very seriously and has gladly volunteered his time and talent around the globe.

Dr. Leckman is active around the world, volunteering his services in locations from Haiti to India; from Nigeria to the victims of Hurricane Katrina right here in the USA; and from Central America to Indonesia.Scott Leckman with Project Hope after Katrina

Scott Leckman, MD operatingHis volunteer efforts have also taken him to operating rooms aboard US Naval Ship “Comfort” off the coast of Central America, assisting disaster victims.

Dr. Leckman also served for a month as a volunteer surgeon aboard the USNS “Mercy” in providing medical relief for survivors of the Tsunami in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Scott Leckman in surgery aboard USNS Comfort

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